Dueling Dogs Brewing company was established in 2014 when Earl, an avid brewer, and Adriana, an avid cider drinker, decided they wanted their son to grow up on a farm, like his father. Their desire to grow mandarins soon transformed into the idea to make beer with their mandarins. Soon their ten-acre property was filled with two acres of mandarins, an acre of hops, a bee yard for honey, a vineyard of grapes, and one beautiful, Italian inspired tasting room.

The Stephens Family, who are loving pet owners, designed the Dueling Dogs’ logo with their two labs—Rocco and Newton—engaged in a beer duel. Sadly, Newton passed away in 2016 before he could see the brewery come to life and greet each customer with his people-loving, lopsided grin. But our beloved playful, gentle giant’s legacy still lives on.

This family run business and farm is dedicated to providing the freshest farm-crafted beers, meads, and ciders available. We use as many hand-picked ingredients from our own farm as possible, and obtain the rest from local Placer Grown farms that we partner with. At Dueling Dogs, you can enjoy our brewery and winery in the same tasting room (Fun Fact: we are one of the few brewing companies in California to have a licensed brewery and winery in the same building).

The Stephens Family

Earl Stephens

Growing up in Lincoln, Earl along with his parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters have always been connected and part of the local community. An engineer, avid brewer, farmer, and dedicated father, Earl is the hands that turned ten acres of bare ground into vineyards, hop fields, mandarin trees, a pond (yes, he actually made the pond), and the Dueling Dogs’ tasting room. With a Bachelor’s Degree (SDSU) and Master’s Degree (CSULB) in Civil Engineering, Earl started (in 1990) and operated a local environmental engineering company before making the switch to brewing. With having specialized in the clean-up of the environment, it is no wonder that Earl carried that passion into his brewery where he made it a green, energy efficient facility. In his rare moments of spare time, Earl loves nothing more than to spend time with his family, enjoy the beautiful calm of nature, and read a good book.

Adriana Stephens

Born in San Jose, she grew up a city girl and moved to the Sacramento area in 1996. In 2008, she moved to Lincoln and after meeting Earl in 2009, she became a true country and farm girl, never to return to the city life again! An avid cider drinker, business extraordinaire, and amazing mother, Adriana is a customer service expert with her many years in the business and retail field. From managing a pet store to becoming a sales manager for Fiddyment Farms Pistachios, where she excelled for almost 10 years before deciding to focus on the brewery and being a full-time mom, Adriana knows the industry backwards and forwards (she even managed to get the rare license to have a brewery and winery on the same premise!). Between games of catch and building block castles, she is also the owner of Dueling Dogs, the mead and cider crafter, and the tasting room and operations manager. How she does it all is a secret only her delicious mulled spice cider will tell.

Matteo Stephens

Matteo may be young but he is a big help on the Ranch. He mows lawns and gardens with Mommy, weeds and picks fruit and hops with Daddy, and welcomes customers (especially the little ones) that visit us at our tasting room. His favorite activity is riding on the tractor—he loves his machines! And if the little guy has a ball—soccer, basketball, bouncy ball (he’s not particular)—he will be only smiles. Who knows, maybe beer making will be in his future…


Our resident dog, Rocco is an active guy who loves his home and family. His favorite place on the farm is in the pond playing ball with Matteo. He is also quite famous for eating any low hanging fruit from our trees and all the spent grain (from brewing) that he can.


Although Newton has passed, he will never be forgotten. He was here from the beginning of this journey and oversaw the digging of the pond, planting of the trees, hops and vines. He will always have a special place in our hearts and an inspiration to one of our popular beers – Newton’s Gravity (a strong Blonde). Newton was a yellow lab that was named for Sir Isaacs Newton, not the fig. Newton was a large dog. As a puppy, his feet were huge and he tripped often. You see, gravity would pull him down. Sir Isaacs Newton developed calculus to prove his theory of gravity… That is why Earl named him Newton….. Yes, Earl is a nerd.