Dueling Dogs Brewing Company, established in 2014, is a family run and operated brewery and winery specializing is Ales, Meads and Ciders. Our brew house is a 7 BBL* System that produces 200 gallons per batch. Our ciders and meads are made in 1 BBL batches, about 30 gallons per batch. We use ingredients from our farm, Stephens Ranch, whenever possible, and pride ourselves in producing small batch, craft brews and wines, that are truly handcrafted from start to finish.

*BBL means barrels (31 gallons) for those of us that are not brewmasters.

Dueling Dogs is a green facility. The Brewery/Winery structure is nestled into the earth, which it uses to keep the brewery cool and to increase the efficiency of the temperature controlled storage and fermenting rooms. We use ozone to clean and sanitize our equipment, which keeps toxic, abrasive chemicals out of our environment. Our water is obtained from our onsite, government regulated public well and it is filtered by a custom engineered system. All wastewater generated from the brewing and fermenting processes and otherwise is cleaned and re-used to irrigate the land. All of these intricate systems have been designed and implemented by our resident engineer/brewmaster, Earl. We also plan to be a solar facility for 2018/2019.

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The Dueling Dogs facility has truly been a labor of love. The Stephens Family has done as much work as possible on constructing the facility, with weekend after weekend and evening after evening spent working on the brewery and tasting room in order to provide the best possible customer experience with our handcrafted product. Visitors and families are welcome to bring food and enjoy a Dueling Dog brew in the country away from the city.

Dueling Dogs is a member of the Brewers Association and California Craft Brewers Association.